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zombie fall out boy


zombie fall out boy

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Fall Out Boy’s 2006 - 2007 UK Limited Edition 2-track 7” Vinyls

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Favorite albums meme (10/?)

∟Fall Out Boy_ Take This To Your Grave (2003)

One of the things I liked about the cover was that it went along with something Pete had always said. I’m sure people will find this ironic, but Pete had always wanted to create a culture with the band where it was about all four guys and not just one guy. He had the foresight to even think about things like that. I didn’t think anyone would give a fuck about our band! At the time, it was the Pete Wentz Band to most people. With that album cover, he was trying to reject that and [demonstrate] that all four of us mattered. A lot of people still don’t get that, but whatever. I like that element of the cover. It felt like a team. It felt like Voltron.

— Patrick Stump 

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